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RECAP: Jahdon's "369" Album Promotions in South Florida

Updated: Jan 17

Following the successful launch of his debut album “369” in February 2020, Jahdon embarked on what was planned as a six-week promotional tour of South Florida. Upon arrival early March, the surging Covid-19 virus resulted in an immediate lockdown of international borders, barring live music and impacting other media platforms.

As a true leader of innovation Jahdon pulled inspiration from the motivational messages off “369” and capitalized on opportunities that were accessible to him. His upbringing in Canaan Heights, Clarendon, known for mass broom production, inspired him to craft one from the abundant access to palm thatch in South Florida. Jahdon crafted a “yard broom” and with spiritual guidance painted the handle Rastafari colors. A photo was posted on social media resulting in a wildfire of requests from fans world-wide. By integrating the strength of social media and channeling his cultural heritage, Jahdon unleashed an intuitive avenue to mobilize his brand and the timely messages of ‘369’ with his new music broom memorabilia.

When I arrived in America to promote my debut album “369”, the nationwide lockdown massively reduced avenues of promotion. I remained creative during that time: creating new music and connecting with my fans on social media. The broom was inspired by me seeing so much palm thatch in Florida and one for a friend. I posted a picture on social media & unexpectedly launched a new kind of music memorabilia. A collector’s item hand made by myself for my fans to time stamp my 1stalbum “369” & the 2020 pandemic” - Jahdon

Despite the closure and limited access to media outlets, Jahdon continued the promotional tour by premiering 2 new music videos from the album, “Truth” (produced by AudioTraxx Productions) and “Time to Advance” (produced by Bryco Music) World Premiered on Reggaeville. During the promotional tour Jahdon was able to accomplish 13 interviews on media platforms across Florida, California, Atlanta, London & Germany.

Jahdon has returned to Jamaica and is currently working on the official music video for “Spliff” (produced by Audiotraxx Productions) off “369”.

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