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Updated: Apr 13, 2020


“New broom sweep clean, ole broom know kawna” Jamaican proverb

JahDon, rising Jamaican singer, songwriter and entrepreneur understands the significance of the broom. He literally turned straw into voice by incorporating symbolism from his ‘broom making’ heritage into a brilliant music career. Although ‘broom making’ is often associated with Bobo Dreads, the painstaking and skillful art was originally taken from villages where brooms were produced as a necessity. Not only are they a symbol of cleanliness, the handcrafted broom provides hard earned income in his home town of Canaan Heights. JahDon’s early life, growing up without a father and raised by his mother, taught him the necessity of earning a living through the broom trade inspired by his uncles who were master broom makers. Turning away from his town’s violent reputation, JahDon focused on making a positive contribution to society not realizing ‘the broom’ taught him discipline and fortitude needed to work in the music business.

Early on, JahDon perfected his singing voice by performing in his community and the church choir of Canaan Heights. In 2013, he began performing with reggae artist friend, Izan. In 2017, his professional career jump started when he formed the music company ‘Look Ya Noww Entertainment’ and collaborated with Bacchus Entertainment Services Ltd to develop, promote and manage the JahDon brand. 'Look Ya Noww Entertainment’ released the single ‘Congo Bongo’ produced in collaboration with AudioTraxx Studios. The music video of ‘Congo Bongo' pays tribute to his early days as a broom entrepreneur and transitions into a beautiful Rastafari love story. “Yuh neva know yuh woulda love di Congo Bongo (hmph), yuh neva know yuh woulda love di Fari. From the day she link wit JahDon, she seh she love off Ras Tafari” Response to the Congo Bongo single in Jamaica was overwhelming, leading to the release of the ‘Congo Bongo’ EP.

JahDon filed a successful trademark application for the use of “Congo Bongo” a term symbolic of sacred words from the Rastafari community. He secured the seal and approval of the Nyabinghi Governing body and embarked upon a collaboration with Los Angeles based fashion company, Whence x Whither, to launch the Official JahDon ‘Congo Bongo' merchandise line found at:

In 2018, JahDon’s “I Got Love,” an inspirational ballad promoting love over hate, was produced by AudioTraxx and released by Look Ya Noww Entertainment. He also recorded ‘Put In The Work’ on the Street God Riddim produced by Bangology Records. In June 2019, “Look Ya Noww Entertainment” released the single, ‘Congo Bongo Empress (produced by AudioTraxx) and in July, “Wolf In Sheep Clothing” featuring reggae artist Izan. In September 2019, the single “Truth” (produced by AudioTraxx) was released on Look Ya Noww Entertainment.

JahDon considers himself an artist-entrepreneur. He stands firmly on the path of a spiritually blessed singer with the talent and focused mind of an innovative artist and businessman.

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