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"Jahdon: Ready fi di World!" Review by Owen Blakka Ellis

"i" Album Review by Writer & Performing Artist, Owen Blakka Ellis

Jahdon has delivered a strong, stirring, and solid album. He presents a rich range of sounds and moods. He proffers intelligent and incisive lyrical content. And he frames it all with unquestionably impressive production values. Yeah man, this is real, resonant ‘raw-born’ reggae music, and mi like it! The 10-track collection throbs, taunts, and tantalizes with memorable music that delightfully defies the current trend of inane, easily forgotten flavour-of-the-day music produced by many young and aspiring musical artists.

The album starts off with Here we go - a pleasant, finger-snapping, feet-tapping tune with an arresting and catchy melody that pulls you in and encourages participation. Pot goes onto fire with the next track called Cooking. This number is a tasty lyrical invitation into the ital kitchen accompanied by a generous serving of steady, pulsating rhythm. On the third track, entitled Holding On, the artist croons compassionately in an anthemic tribute to genuine love for a partner whose affection and loyalty never wavers even in times of economic challenges, which segues smoothly to Family Man. This earnest and evocative call to initiate a relationship that can evolve into family is my favourite track. Long after listening the entire album, the words ‘ready fi go start a family, all it takes is you and me…’ linger long in my subconscious.

While the remaining tracks differ delightfully in flavour and thematic focus, the artist melodiously maintains the established standard right to the final track Broomie, which sweeps away any residue of doubt that Jahdon is ready for the world!

Artist: Jahdon

Album: i

Release Date: February 4, 2022

Label: Look Ya Noww Entertainment

Distributor: Tuff Gong International


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